ORIS offers its customers a wide range of innovative products to increase the versatility of the vehicle. Its product development competency is based on many years of OEM experience. ORIS offers the appropriate towbar solution for commercial as well as leisure requirements. As Europe’s leading towbar manufacturer, ORIS is renowned for its innovative capacity which is proven by more than 150 patents.

Premium Towbar System AK41
  • ORIS has a wide range of more than 1700 fixed and detachable towbars
  • The technical specifications are based on the OEM technology and designed to guarantee easy fitment by the installer
  • Detachable systems are reliable and easy to mount / demount by the consumer
  • All towbars are individually type approved based on extensive testing of at least two million test cycles lasting up to 15 days at temperatures of -40 °C to 120 °C
  • KTL painting ensures corrosion resistance during the lifetime of the product
  • A complete range of corresponding e-sets and testing equipment to ensure compliance with the latest electronic technology on the car
  • Full customer support in terms of enhanced logistics ensuring optimum availability and e-cataloging

Fixed Systems

The tow ball on fixed towbars is integral with the car and cannot be removed. Fixed towbars are especially designed for frequent use.

Detachable Systems

ORIS detachable towbars do not interfere with the design of the car. They can easily be removed when not required.

Electrical Sets

ORIS offers a wide range of car specific e-sets compliant with the latest CAN bus technology, ensuring full compatibility with all vehicle and trailer electrical systems.