ORIS is committed to provide safe and healthy labor conditions to all the stakeholders as employees ,customers, subcontractors and the public. ORIS recognizes that in addition to minimizing the incidence of work related injuries and illness a safe and healthy work environment enhances the quality of products and services and employers moral. ORIS is operating whit in the local law and rules.


The Health, safety  and environmental improvement plan is integrated in the decision-making and management processes for the ORIS Group and the subsidiaries. All ORIS plants must thereto adhere to the following standards.

2.1. Occupational safety

Employees exposure to potential safety hazards is to be controlled through proper engineering/administrative controls, preventative maintenance, procedures, the use of proper personnel protective equipment  and training...The to be used materials are safe  and healthy to handle and to operate..

2.2 Occupational injury and illness

Procedures and systems are to be in place to prevent, track, report, investigate cases and implement corrective actions to eliminate their root causes. Special attention will be given to ergonomics in case of physically demanding tasks.

2.3. Machine, equipment safeguarding

Production and other machinery are to be assessed and evaluated for safety hazards .Physical guards, interlocks and barriers are to be provide and properly maintained where machinery represents a risk

2.4 Commitment to the environment

All of us, members of the ORIS team, undertake to act according to the following principles based on the respect and preservation of the Environment as the origin of the environmental continuous improvement.

The protection of the environment is a positive value for ORIS, whose commitment exceeds mere compliance with the legal requisites

We comply with the legal requisites, the requirements of our customers and all other relevant regulations through our control and supervision of operations

We optimize the use of our resources, raw material, water and energy by applying the best available and most economically feasible techniques.

We promote the study and use of new technologies to sustainability and which pollute less, as well as the reduction and appraisal of the waste generated.

We set environmental targets and develop action plants to achieve them, allocating the necessary resources.

We promote staff involvement via education and awareness training, in order to improve the environmental behaviour of the organization.

We sensitive and involve all our suppliers and sub-contractors in order to achieve compliance with this Environmental Policy

2.5. Health, Safety, Environmental Awareness

Plants will organize regular inspection visits set up with a manager and another employee .Based on dialogue the visits are designed to identify risky situations and improve on the job behaviour. Management will lead by example the plant. Accidents will be documented , reported and shared with other plants to enhance awareness.

2.6 Emergency preparedness and responses organization.

Plants are to work out emergency plans and response procedures including emergency teams, emergency reporting, evacuation procedures, employee training and drills, proper fire detection and suppression equipment adequate exit facilities and recovery plans.

2.7. Health, Safety, Environmental Audit 

The HSE Health, Safety Environment assessment will be conducted monthly and corrective action plans must be reviewed by the management.

2.8 Responsibility; accountable;

The CEO or MD is accountable and l responsible to ensure the organization complies to all regulations and legislative requirements of the act. However, the CEO or MD may appoint in writing a competent person to oversee and manage all HSE duties in the organization on his behalf, however he can only transfer his duties but never the responsibilities. Every employee will in his workplace and whit in his responsibilities be responsible to deploy and adhere to this policy.

2.9 Improvement

The suitable effectiveness and efficiency of the Health and Safety, Environmental policy will periodically be reviewed by management and updated as part of our continuous improvement process

2.10 Expected level of operating

HSE According ISO 45001 (OHSAS 18001)

Environmental according ISO14001 2015